Tuesday March 26, 2019
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Press Release

Our 20-year experience in the TV and film industry has shown that safety issues are important to all levels of management. In anticipation of the changes that we believe to be inevitable relating to a safe work place, Onset Training Limited have created a skills development program designed for the security assistant working on location within industry.

Our training course will be available to companies specializing in providing SIA licensed security assistants to the film sector, in addition, we intend to offer our service to individuals to train new recruits on the bases that they have or are in the process of applying for the SIA licence. Further, it is our intention to have successful SIA licensed attendees accredited by OCN (Open College Network).

In the present view of employment statistics, we intend to help the licensed personnel and others to gain work from attending our courses of which they will gain the benefit of being placed on our specialized website which can be viewed by film operators and potential employers.

The course is set out to enhance the ability of existing security assistants and train new recruits. Attendees will be instructed how work is carried out professionally and safely in accordance with the law, and further will gain valuable skills and information relating to tasks that will include communication techniques and health and safety at work.

The program information will also benefit others that work on location, for example, runners, stewards, location assistants and film school students. Participants will gain knowledge of the process of filming on location, and understanding of the work that is carried out behind the scenes, and how one should conduct them self and carryout the work in a safe and professional manner.

The security assistant is involved with a number of activities such as, securing space and access for the unit base and location: aiding and assisting the manoeuvre and parking of vehicles and machinery: assisting with holding the public and public vehicles from entering the area of a scene: public relations: talking with residents and businesses that may be affected by the filming: locating and contacting persons that are required to relocate their vehicle for the benefit of the shoot: putting out and removing direction signs: ensuring safe working areas for the cast and crew "working roadside" : ensuring machinery and equipment is safe and secure for the benefit of the public: the guarding of vehicles, equipment and machinery at unit base and location, on and outside of the shooting day: generally assisting with tasks, as requested by the location department:

Other vital duties and information will be covered within the course material.

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Kind Regards,
Bill Stanley,
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