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Saturday February 23, 2019
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Traffic Management

About us


On Set Traffic Management Limited is a relatively new concern, however the company director Bill Stanley has worked within the film sector for over 20 years within facilities, transport, security, traffic management, and as an assistant location manager.


The experience that Bill has gained in the industry has also afforded him the knowledge to create a skills development training program aimed to enhance health and safety and communication abilities for persons working on location under the control of, and within the location department. Further, Bill has held a streetworks supervisors license since may 2010 and has worked as a TM supervisor for other companies providing traffic management for Film and TV Productions.

Bill decided to offer his TM services directly, due to popular demand and his enthusiasm to provide a more personal and hands on approach.

On Set, the team has the ability to think ahead, anticipate and “adapt on request” to last minute changes, and i believe this is a valuable asset to a production, especially when time is of an essence. And our people skills, helping to swiftly defuse potential troublesome situations will also help to provide a safe and officiant traffic management service.

Our code of conduct on set, we believe will speak for its self, and the company policy reflects our willingness to help get the job done without deviating from a safe code of practice and common sense approach. All staff are location and crew friendly, and have received training that exceeds the standard required to operate as a traffic manager. All equipment and works clothing are regularly checked to ensure they are functional and safe. Our insurance policy allows cover for 5 million for public and product liability, and 10 million for employers liability.

All in all, we are here to operate to your specific requirements.

We trust the website information is helpful, however we will be happy to possibly assist with further inquiries? so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Some of the Productions we have worked on

The original Minder, with Mr George Cole, James Bond, License to Kill 1989, Black Beauty 1994, Bond, Golden Eye 1995, Evita 1996, 101 Dalmatians 1996, Bond, Tomorrow Never Dies 1997, Event Horizon 1997, Saving Private Ryan 1998,102 Dalmatians 2000, Gormenghast 2000, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone 2001, Love Actually 2003, Johnny English 2003, Agent Cody Banks 2004, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2005, Beatrix Potter 2006, Flyboy's 2006, Harry Potter, Order of the Phoenix 2007, National Treasure 2007, Batman the Dark Night 2008, Robin Hood 2010, John Carter on Mars, coming 2012. Numerous TV Productions, Pop Promotions, and TV commercials.

2012: Total Jobs.com, promotion. Plastic Gangsters, pilot. McDonalds, promotion. KFC, promotion. ITV, Mr Selfridge.

2012: Jobs carried out from subcontract: Robby Williams music video. Les Misérables, movie. The Hunter, movie. Diana, movie. TFL promotion. Endeavour, TV. The World’s End, movie.