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Monday January 21, 2019
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More information

Please take into consideration that additional advice offered within the following pages of this text are usually complimentary and should be excepted as a guideline only.

Additional information and advice may accompany the traffic plans to determine other potential hazardous area's that may have to be taken into consideration, for example, zone's that may require the Production Company to place runners “within the closure area”to warn production of the movement of a vehicle, or to take precautions against parked vehicles, or vehicles from a dwelling or business premises from moving during a rehearsal or the take.

Please take into consideration that depending on a chosen area of a shoot involving a traffic control, many factors will have to be taken into consideration by the organization excepting the application. For example, the impact the control may have on thesurrounding roads will have to be explored? Further, the time in which it may take to process and accept the TM plan may vary between boroughs. The location manager of your choice may wish to use his contacts and influence to discuss the possibility of having a traffic control put in place within the desired zone, district or borough “prior to an application being sort”

Further, although shooting on the highway under a traffic control may take place during the working week, and within usual working hours, it may be advisable to avoid certain times to carryout the shoot, especially when sound equipment is operational? for example, during rush hour and school runs when people can become inpatient and may repeatedly sound the vehicle horn. Further, it may be beneficial to having a TM plan excepted, by having the shoot take place during a week end. If this is unavoidable' it may be advisable to specify in the TM application, that traffic “will not be held for periods that will exceed 2 minute's at each time” and shooting will not resume again until any backlog or traffic build up has been cleared. Further, certain times as mentioned above may also be avoided to lessen disruption, and potentially reduce the impact of traffic build up. In addition, area's which experience a high volume of public transport vehicles should if possible be avoided, however in the case of filming within these zones, the area public transport team in question should be notified prior to the shoot commencing. Further, the time of which traffic may be held for a complete lock is 2 minute's, though a two way control may be held for longer.

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